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Title: Custom Build - Alex Lemelin

We got into this business because we enjoy building amazing machines that bring smiles to people's faces! If you have a custom build proposal from us, this is the place to make payment and lock in your project to get it on our schedule.

If you're interested in doing a project with us, we'd welcome the opportunity to discuss your idea with you. Some of our services include:

  • Custom Liquid cooling: PETG hard line and soft tubing, acrylic tubing, glass tubing, copper tubing, chromed brass - we are one of only a few shops who does it all
  • Custom Case art: our in-house artist Matt The Aussie originally came to the United States on a work permit as an illustrator for Disney - his work is absolutely the best in the business and we delighted to have his talents available for our clients
  • Screen mods - we offer a variety of screen mods in different sizes, orientations, and placements depending on application
  • AIO sleeving, vertical GPU mounting, small form factor cases, and other case mods are available on request

We do not offer configuration tools anywhere on our website. Configuration tools are expensive to develop, costly and cumbersome to maintain, and can lead to folks configuring some strange builds. In order to do a project with us, we MUST communicate with you. In our experience, more communication BEFORE the order is placed leads to much better outcomes. Here's how you can reach us:

Voice - +1 224.357.8769

Email: admin@alexanderpcs.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlexanderCustomPCs/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexandercustompcs/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexandercustom