Ready-to-Ship: Intel i5-13500 w/ ASUS Dual 4060Ti

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Elevate your gaming with this outstanding system packed with top-tier components. The Intel Core i5-13500 processor ensures speedy performance, while the Deepcool AK500 DIGITAL CPU cooler keeps temperatures in check. The Asus ROG STRIX B760-I GAMING WIFI motherboard ensures seamless connectivity, and with 32 GB of Kingston FURY Beast DDR5-5600 memory, multitasking is a breeze.

Storage worries are a thing of the past thanks to the Kingston KC3000 2.048 TB SSD, providing lightning-fast access to all your data and games. The Asus DUAL OC GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8 GB graphics card delivers stunning visuals for your gaming sessions, all housed in the sleek Fractal Design Torrent Nano case.

For reliable and efficient power delivery, the SeaSonic S12III 500W 80+ Bronze power supply has you covered. With Microsoft Windows 11 Pro Retail pre-installed, you'll have access to the latest software features and gaming enhancements right out of the box.

Upgrade your gaming experience today with this exceptional PC. Order now and enjoy a seamless blend of performance and style!


All Alexander PCs systems arrive:

* Fully assembled, with Windows installed, activated and updated

* Memory overclocked

* BIOS and drivers updated and optimized

* Ready to unbox, plug in, install your games and play!

Full System Specs:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-13500
  • CPU Cooler: Deepcool AK500 DIGITAL
  • Motherboard: Asus ROG STRIX B760-I GAMING WIFI
  • Memory: Kingston FURY Beast 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-5600
  • Storage: Kingston KC3000 2.048 TB
  • Video Card: Asus DUAL OC GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8 GB
  • Case: Fractal Design Torrent Nano
  • Power Supply: SeaSonic S12III 500 W 80+ Bronze
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro Retail

Core Part List: