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Recently, we have noticed some websites online with phrases such as:
  • Alexander PCs Discount Code
  • Alexander PCs Coupon
  • Alexander PCs Coupon Code
  • Alexander PCs Discount
  • Alexander PCs Coupons
  • Alexander PCs Promo
  • Alexander PCs Promo Code

We're glad that our brand is growing so quickly and there are lots of folks out there taking a look at our products... but none of the discount codes that you see on other websites are valid or legitimate. 

We give out single-use discount codes for active military, veterans, and law enforcement personnel on a case by case basis. No other discount codes are offered, and we do not have "sales" on any of our products or give out coupons or discount codes. 

Here is why: 

We are an organization wholly committed to transparency and integrity in our pricing. We provide retail parts list links to all of our products, place them directly on the product listing pages, and update them regularly. We believe in pricing things fairly from the beginning - every time, every product, no exceptions. 

If you had purchased a PC from us, and two weeks later that same PC went "on sale" for less than what you paid, how would that make you feel? Not good. We don't create an ecosystem where our clients will feel this way.

We want everyone to have confidence that they're getting our best price every time they purchase, and never have to feel like they should wait around for a sale or promotion. 

So next time you're on the Google searching for an Alexander PCs coupon or discount code, please know that we're already giving you our best price without forcing you to search around!