Orders placed today will have an estimated ship date of October 15th, 2021. Builds marked "Ready-To-Ship" will ship within 24 business hours.


Join The Empire! No, we're not opposing the Jedi. We're tirelessly pursuing the expansion of our brand and our Team in the Gaming, Streaming, and YouTube spaces. No one builds a great brand on their own. It takes an enthusiastic community of customers and supporters to make it all happen. That's where you come in...
As a Team Empire affiliate, you'll gain access to exclusive content to put on your social media, special discount codes that you can give out to your friends and followers, and of course - you'll earn money for everyone who you refer to us that makes a purchase!
We also support you with Alexander PCs branded swag and throw in some goodies for you to use for giveaways to help grow your following. We are not one of those companies that allows anyone who wants to become an affiliate. We are looking for people who want to grow along with us and have a meaningful, mutually beneficial partnership. We will actually invest in you.
Because we believe that the best way to grow our brand and our team is through our affiliates, we pay a 5% commission on all referred transactions - the industry average is 3% so we're paying out 66.7% more than average! We also define a "referred transaction" a little more generously than some of the others. If you link to our site on ANY of your platforms, and someone comes to our site through your link and makes a purchase, we pay out. We pay directly to your PayPal account, and we pay out referral payments EVERY WEEK - not monthly like most.
Obviously we also want our affiliates to rock Alexander PCs swag and do their gaming, streaming, and content creation on Alexander PCs systems. So once an affiliate has earned a commission, they become eligible for our affiliate purchase program - basically we build you a custom system for just the cost of the components. So if you've been wanting that new rig but getting discouraged at the price of custom work - here's your shot to get pro-grade custom work for just the cost of parts!
This is an awesome opportunity for those who want to grow their online following to earn some money, and help us grow our brand along with you. And of course, all of our fully sponsored gamers, streamers, and YouTubers will be selected from the ranks of our affiliates. Team members that consistently show the most leadership and influence as affiliates will be selected for full sponsorship. 

Fully sponsored individuals will receive custom built systems, personalized gear, and of course some dough. But we aren't giving it away - head on over to our affiliate page, register, and start helping us make some waves for our brand. This is the perfect opportunity for those who want to get started in the industry to make a splash and grow with us. Did we mention we pay 66.7% more than the industry average for referral commissions?

To apply to come on board as an affiliate, send an email to admin@alexanderpcs.com with "Affiliate Request" in the subject line. We will email you our affiliate application to fill out and submit to see if your goals and vision aligns with ours. We're looking forward to meeting you!