Join the Empire

No, we're not opposing the Jedi. We're tirelessly pursuing the expansion of our brand and our Team in the Gaming, Streaming, and YouTube spaces. No one builds a great brand on their own. It takes an enthusiastic community of customers and supporters to make it all happen. That's where you come in...

Alexander PCs is currently accepting applications from competitive gamers, content creators, and streamers. Those who are accepted into our program will receive a share in the revenues from some of our brand platforms, as well as Alexander PCs swag, and opportunities to receive hardware and other support from Empire HQ. Sponsored individuals will be required to assist with moderating our Discord, and will be required to make appearances on behalf of the brand on our media platforms. 

Interested? Contact our Creative Director, Brad, at brad@alexanderpcs.com and put "Join The Empire" as the title.



Meet fw33ner! He is a variety streamer who loves playing survival horror, adventure, souls likes and anything that will make him want to flip his table. When you go to his channel you are usually there for the goofy commentary and bad movie references but occasionally, he will be good at the game he is playing and catch a dub.

Outside of streaming, fw33ner is an active-duty Military member and loves creating art and lifting heavy things. If you want a preview of his content go watch his clips on YouTube and TikTok.

If you want to watch him live, he streams near daily on his own channel at Twitch @fw33ner and is on our channel MONDAYS @ 1930 CST.


I'm, Jax aka DOiNKLES in the world of gaming and entertainment. I was born and raised in Idaho and moved to Arizona where I continued my life in gaming and streaming. I can also say if it wasn’t for gaming I wouldn’t have my wife and daughter!

Gaming has been a staple in my life since my mother showed me Super Mario and from Super Mario I am now a full time Escape from Tarkov streamer aimed at being the best I can be for my community and helping anyone along the way who needs it because gaming gives you a purpose and opens doors to an amazing IRL world and fantasy! It opened the door to where I’m at now with streaming and with AlexanderPCs!

I must say this - If you dream about a goal, you can achieve that goal. You have to manifest your destiny and always stay positive! Amazing things come to those who grab and hold on to the things they fear losing most!" 

Twitch @DOiNKLES

King Nubs

NUBS, which is an acronym for Normally Underestimated By Sight, was born with a rare condition, leaving him without arms or legs. Not having any limbs is enough of a struggle to overcome already, but Nubs also had to endure the bullying and teasing that came along with his condition. Instead of submitting to the pressure and letting life get him down, Nubs, resorted to music and gaming.

NUBS has been gaming his whole life starting with his moms sega genesis as a toddler. These days he plays on a PC with mouse and keyboard, but has played on most consoles with just regular controlers. NUBS is a Facebook Partner with 240k+ followers. He streams a variety of games every night on facebook 7pm AZ time, pushing good vibes and a fun environment!

Outside of gaming, NUBS is 1/3 of the Hip-Hop group called Odd Squad Family, known for songs like "Done Did" and "Smoke my Pain" which have both amassed millions of streams and video views. NUBS has worked with artist like Blind fury, Krizz Kaliko, Futuristic, The Ying-Yang Twins, Dax, and continues to push a positive, meaningful message in all of his music.

Putting out positive messages of overcoming and believing in yourself, Nubs creates content that many can relate to.

King Nubs @ Facebook

Ratchet Richy

Hey guys! My names Richy or can call me by my streamer name RatchetRichy if you’d like. I’m 28 years old based out of Central California, recently started streaming FPS games such as Apex Legends, COD Warzone, and halo infinite but sometimes I'll want to change it up I will play other RPG games like Elden Ring or monster hunter.

I stream part time right now Mondays & Wednesdays from 7pm-12am. I do have a full-time career but enjoy streaming so much because it connects me to so many people and it’s
always a fun time. I look forward to this journey with Alexander PC’s and the community.

Twitch @ratchetrichy


What up guys! My names aVictoryRoyale but everyone calls me Vic for short. I've been playing video games competitively since the Black Ops 2 days. I play a variety of games from FPS to Casual story based. You guys can catch me every night at 11:30pm eastern on my twitch channel.

No matter what game we're playing, Alexander PCs will conquer!

Twitch @aVictoryRoyale


Hey guys, I’m DrLosty, I was born June 7th 2000. I am a gamer by day and a speed skater by night. I am big into games like Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, Genshin Impact, Hogwarts Legacy, and The Elder Scroll series. Pretty much you name an RPG or an MMO and I play it. Recently I’ve been big into Ark Survival Evolved because of what you can do to the game to make it your own. I am currently modding it into a multiplayer Game of Thrones Roleplay server.

I stream every Saturday 4pm - 8pm. I am currently a student attending The University of North Carolina at Greensboro earning a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Engineering, and a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with a minor in Physics. I currently speed skate for Piedmont Speed Team and I’m working towards my world team card. I am a veteran of the United States Army, and I enjoy Overlanding on the weekends. I drive a modded Lexus GX470 and when I hit the trails no matter the trail I can drive through or over it. I am excited to be here every Saturday with you guys and giving a little bit of my life to you guys and the Alexander PC’s Community.

Twitch @DrLosty


No matter what Wolfie is doing, he's all about having a good time! He can be seen streaming anything that he can play for fun, from survival
horror to farming sims, to first person shooters. When he isn't going live to the world, he is a member of the United States Air Force and walks beside his fellow stormtroopers in the Star Wars 501st Legion.

Stop by Wolfie's streams to laugh, cry, and laugh (at him) some more! Learn some random fruit facts, and eat some good Chinese food with him and his community!

Twitch @wolfiescootaloo


My name is REAPERDOC and I play Motocross based games! I started content creation after my life was turned upside down from a brain injury! Since starting content just a few years ago God has used the channel in mighty ways! I am blessed to have the opportunity to create content on Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram. The name Reaperdoc is to honor my brother in law who passed away. He was stationed on a base in Afghanistan called REAPER. He served as a Medic (DOC) in the Army. After he passed I created this user name to remember him.

Youtube @ReaperDoc

Tiktok @reaperd0c

Instagram @reaperd0c


Why hello there! I am Pony_Massacre in this virtual world we have all come to love. I'm a 90s kid born and raised in California. My humor and movie references certainly show it. I mainly play FPS that's my bread and butter. However, I won't shy away from trying something new. I am very easy to talk to and a staple in my streams is catching me laughing all the time.I can make a joke, take a joke and keep the fun vibes going because that's what I'm here for, to have a good time and to make sure you the viewer are having a good time. Somewhere in between all that you might catch some solid game play or some very trash game play lol. I aim to be the peoples streamer in a sense as I don't put out a persona. I simply carry myself the way I do in everyday life and although I haven't been streaming very long, I have already met so many new and interesting people along this journey. I can't wait to see where my time with Alexander PC takes me next.

Twitch @pony_massacre

TikTok @pony_massacre