Lifetime Warranty on Parts & Service


You read that correctly! Lifetime. All desktop PCs from Alexander PCs come with an industry best Lifetime Limited Warranty & Service Guarantee. Your processor failed after you’ve had your system for 8 years? You’re covered! Hard drive crashed after 7 years? You’re covered!

As we’ve mentioned on ALL our product pages, we are so confident in the quality of our system components and workmanship in assembling your new PC by hand, that we offer this amazing warranty to all our customers.

Alexander PCs is committed to building a community of customers who care about our brand and want to do business with us for all their PC needs.

Read below for all the fine print and legalese.


Alexander PCs Warranty and Terms of Service - the legalese stuff

(Reviewed and Updated 10/03/2023)

Alexander PCs, LLC and its officers, agents, assignees, and employees (hereinafter may be referred to as “the company” or “company”) offers to its customers an exclusive Limited Lifetime Service Policy (the “Lifetime Service Policy”) on all NEW desktop computers purchased from the company. This Lifetime Service Policy is a guarantee that a customer of Alexander PCs who purchases a NEW computer system will not pay for labor or service charges related to any covered computer system, during the lifetime of that system. This Lifetime Service Policy extends only to the original purchaser, original equipment, or subsequent upgrades purchased from and installed by the company and labor/service provided by the company.

In addition to the Lifetime Service Policy, Alexander PCs further warrants the hardware of its NEW computer systems as follows: All NEW desktop computer systems include a Lifetime Limited Hardware Warranty (the “Lifetime Warranty”), which covers the original core computer. “Core Computer” is defined as all of the hardware inside the computer case. The Core Computer excludes any special order parts which were specifically requested by the original purchaser, which special order parts are warranted only for as long as their original underlying manufacturer warranty for such parts. AMD Video Cards are considered special order parts, and are warranted for 2 years only. Because of rapidly and ever changing computer technology and manufacturers, certain parts or components can become unavailable. During the Lifetime Warranty, the company will, at its sole option, repair or replace any defective desktop computer or defective part thereof, at its discretion, with new, used, refurbished, recertified, or comparable parts; however, if a desktop computer or component is no longer manufactured or widely supported in the marketplace, or is not otherwise commercially available during any warranty period in this agreement, making the repair of a desktop computer impracticable, Alexander PCs may, at its sole option, elect not to repair the desktop computer, but instead issue an in-store credit for the then value of the desktop computer or component.

The Lifetime Service Policy, Lifetime Warranty, and the 2-Year Warranty on AMD Video Cards (collectively the “Warranties”) are all limited as follows:

1. Alexander PCs warrants to the original purchaser that the covered hardware, excluding software, documentation and similar items, will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for the warranty period beginning from the date of delivery to Customer. During the applicable warranty period, the company will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, the defective hardware system, for covered defects, free of charge for labor and/or parts depending on your warranty period. Parts may not be identical but will be equivalent parts. If the hardware system is defective within the first 30 days from customer’s initial receipt of the system, customer may obtain service under the terms of the Warranty by informing Alexander PCs of the customer's intent to seek a repair under the Warranty, and shipping the system back to Alexander PCs where the system will then be repaired. The customer shall also insure the system by obtaining shipping or freight insurance coverage equal to the full purchase price of the system. Alexander PCs will reimburse reasonable shipping costs, including shipping or freight insurance, if within the continental United States. Outside of the continental United States, the Customer will pay for shipping both ways no matter when an alleged defect arises.

2. Inside the continental United States, Customer will pay for shipping back to Alexander PCs for any components or products sent for service after the initial 30 day period, while the company will pay for return shipping back to customer for up to one year after purchase. After the first year of ownership Customer is responsible for any shipping charges to/from the company.

3. Products sent in for authorized service/exchange must be shipped in original packaging and accompanied by copies of purchase receipts. Replacement packaging can be requested from Alexander PCs customer support for a nominal fee.

4. Non-Alexander PCs repairs, upgrades or installations on any covered computer system are not covered by, and void the Warranties instantly on any system so modified. Any individual parts sold or installed separately from a New computer system must be purchased and installed by the company to be covered by the Lifetime Service Policy, and that separate hardware is only covered to the extent of the original manufacturer’s warranty on such separate parts.

5. Physical damage, abuse, neglect, and damage caused by shipping, or misapplication of the product, repair modification, exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity, power fluctuations, lightning or improper electrical power are not covered by the Warranties. (Your original shipment from Alexander PCs to you is always covered. Any functional/material, non-cosmetic damages resulting from mishandling by the freight carrier or improper packaging by the company are not your responsibility.)

6. Overclocking of any component beyond manufacturer specified rated limits performed by anyone other than an Alexander PCs technician shall void any and all Warranties instantly.

7. Changes to firmware, drivers, and other hardware-related software and/or code can destroy components. Alexander PCs delivers all systems ready for use. Updates to firmware and drivers performed after the system has been delivered that cause part failure are not covered by the Lifetime Warranty.

8.Used or recertified equipment is sold as-is, without warranty, unless otherwise stated in writing on the original purchase invoice.

9. Software defects are not covered by the Warranties, but may be covered by the warranty of the individual software publishers as set out in the materials accompanying it; opened software is never refundable.

10. Any missing items must be reported within 48 hours of Customer receipt.

11. There are no warranties, express or implied, which are not written herein.

12. It is of utmost importance that Customer protects all data and software on any covered computer system at all times. Alexander PCs is not responsible for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of data or software, inadvertent disclosure of data, loss of files, or any other direct, incidental, or consequential damage loss caused by a covered computer system failing to properly operate, or caused by any fault or negligence of the company. Even though the company may attempt to backup and transfer certain data, and attempts to avoid situations where Customer data or software is lost, such occurrences of data loss, for a variety of reasons, are common. Customer agrees that prior to delivering a computer for service, Customer has independently backed up all software and data on the computer, and is prepared for, and expects that all data may be lost on the computer during or following any repair procedure, and Customer specifically agrees and understands that this document is intended to limit the liability of the company for such data losses. Customer warrants that there is no illegal data or software content on any computer left for Warranties service.

13. Warranty repairs or service do not extend the length of the Warranties and any computer left unclaimed for 30 days becomes the property of Alexander PCs.

14. Liquid cooling/water cooling components are covered for 1 year only, and are not included in the Lifetime Parts and Service warranty on any Alexander PCs system. AIO or All-In-One liquid CPU coolers are covered for 3 years.

15. AMD video cards shall carry a 2-Year Parts Warranty from the company. Any AMD video card ordered with an Alexander PCs system is excluded from the Lifetime Parts warranty, and the 2-year parts warranty in this paragraph would then apply to the AMD component specifically.

16. Lighting elements such as LED bulbs, RGB light strips, lights inside and attached to case/radiator/system fans, and RGB/ARGB lighted cable extensions are not material to the system's performance and are considered cosmetic in nature. These items are not covered under the warranty and can experience issues related to conflicting RGB software applications. Also, sometimes individual LEDs or bulbs may burn out or display colors incorrectly.                 

17. Each of the following system components is limited to one (1) replacement over the lifetime of the PC system: Video Card/GPU, motherboard, power supply, memory/RAM, SSD/storage drive. Once client has received a replacement component under the warranty, Alexander PCs will not provide additional replacements. Client may or may not be eligible to RMA certain components to the Original Equipment Manufacturer. 

18. Computers purchased as mining rigs are not guaranteed to pay for themselves. Alexander PCs is not responsible for bit mining markets or losses. Although warranty does not expressly forbid crypto mining, abuse of components due to mining shall void warranty.

19. The Company offers a service commonly referred to as “de-lidding”, which involves treating certain Core Computer components with gel for increased cooling which is beneficial in some over-clocked computers. While the company provides this service, it will thereafter not provide a warranty on any computer which it “de-lids”, and no warranty described herein will apply to a computer which has undergone this process.

20. The Company reserves the right to terminate the warranty completely at our sole discretion by notifying you of our intent to void your warranty if a member of Company management determines that a client has been abusive, vulgar, or extremely rude to any member of Company staff, for example a technician attempting to provide support, administrative staff attempting to resolve a shipping or scheduling conflict, etc. Life is often complicated, frustrating, and can be messy at times. Being rude and abusive to others is not helpful and will not be tolerated.

21. The Company is under no obligation to provide support for non-hardware related issues. They are not warranty issues, strictly speaking. However, The Company frequently endeavors, as an act of good will and in the spirit of providing exceptional client support, to assist clients to resolve issues and provide technical support for non-hardware related issues such as issues with an operating system, a game or game engine, or other applications/programs. This support is completely voluntary, provided at the sole discretion of The Company, and may be terminated at any time. We are not programmers, game developers, game publishers, or software engineers here - those entities have their own support processes separate and apart from ours. 

22. Promotional items such as computer components, desktop PCs, game codes, merchandise, or other items that are prizes for giveaways or other company-sponsored advertising or promotional events are not warrantied. This warranty only applies to purchased products. 

23. The initial shipment from Alexander PCs to the Customer is warrantied and insured against any physical or mechanical damages resulting from shipping. Damages which are strictly cosmetic in nature will be remedied or compensated at Alexander PCs discretion. This policy explicitly excludes theft or loss of the shipment and is limited to damages incurred during shipping.

To obtain service under this warranty, email the company at admin@alexanderpcs.com and inform the company of your preferred contact phone number. Have your order number available. The technical support staff will assist you in diagnosing the problem over the phone and/or via remote support by calling you at your preferred contact number. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone or via remote support, we will decide on the best course of action for complete customer satisfaction. If return is authorized, please return the product only as instructed. Do not return any products without prior authorization. Products returned without prior authorization will be held for 15 days pending instruction and return shipment payment and, thereafter, will be salvaged or disposed without any duty to account to Customer. Alexander PCs will not be responsible for consequential damage to the boards or the system or any of its components caused by either internal or external equipment, shorted connections or components not installed by or purchased from the company. Alexander PCs will also not be responsible for damages to any components or loss of any data for goods purchased from the company. The limited warranty also does not cover damages or defects that may have been caused by: Shipping damage (other than the original shipment), improper installation or maintenance, misuse, neglect or improper environment, repair, modification, adjustment, or installation of options or parts not by an Alexander PCs employee, inadequate or excessive electrical power surges, or other power irregularities. Alexander PCs will also not replace, repair, or refund on any purchase if the item serial numbers do not match, or if the product is not sold directly by the company. Alexander PCs will replace defective parts with the same or comparable parts at no cost. Any other part replacement that is different from the original configuration must be purchased at cost. Note: Do not include any accessories with your computer system for warranty repairs. If you do provide such materials, Alexander PCs will not be held responsible for any missing accessories such as software, adapters, etc. In the event no defect is found that is covered by the warranty, Alexander PCs will charge a $95 test fee, advise the Customer and return the non- defective product when Customer pays the test fees and pays for return shipping. If such fees are not paid within 15 days after notification, the product shall be salvaged or disposed without any duty to account to Customer.
CREDIT AND COLLECTION: Interest will accrue on invoices considered PAST DUE at the rate of 19.99% ANNUALLY. The person or entity responsible for payment of this invoice will be responsible for collection and attorney fees. All NSF checks will be charged the maximum penalty allowable by law. Except as provided expressly herein Customer specifically waives any and all liability, causes of action, claims or rights Customer may be able to assert against the company for any act, omission or other event of any kind which is related to the sale of a computer, or related to the performance of service repairs and the execution of this document.
Customer specifically agrees that Customer waives, in advance, any causes of action, rights or claims against the company related to the loss, disclosure or dissemination of Customer’s data, software, or personal files during or after the performance of warranty service. Customer agrees that any claim or cause of action whatsoever against Alexander PCs, including but not limited to those in contract or tort, shall be limited to the amount Customer actually paid for a computer system at issue or $1,000.00, whichever is greater.
Alexander PCs desires to maintain a positive relationship with its customers and without waiving any of the limitations in the preceding paragraphs, the company may at its sole and exclusive discretion elect to return actual funds paid by Customer for goods or services provided by the company. Any such refund is in no way an admission of any liability, wrong-doing or the basis for any cause of action against Alexander PCs and is a simple expression of good will. In the event Customer is offered a refund of monies actually paid, each and every aspect of this Waiver and Limitation of Liability shall remain in full force and effect. Customer waives all rights, claims, causes of action and other damages in excess of actual funds paid and then returned by the company.

All sales are final and as is. All deposits to hold merchandise are non-refundable. All returns or order cancellations are at the sole and exclusive discretion of the company, must take place within 30 days of purchase, and will be charged a restocking or cancellation fee of 20% of the PURCHASE PRICE, whether the refund is requested before or after shipment of the system. Any returns after 30 days will be charged restocking fee of 20% of the PURCHASE PRICE plus $35 per day rental fee. Microsoft Windows or Office products, or other activated software cannot be accepted back for a refund or credit. Alexander PCs does not pay for nor reimburse any costs associated with shipping, shipping or freight insurance, or packaging materials for return products. 

I agree that any dispute regarding this Agreement or subject matter of this Agreement will be submitted only to binding arbitration to be conducted only and exclusively in McHenry County, Illinois. Customer specifically waives all right to pursue any legal or equitable remedy in any city, county, state or federal court of law. In the event either party initiates an appropriate proceeding to enforce or seek any claims under this document or related to the computer purchase or service transaction referenced herein, the prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of reasonable attorney’s fees. The laws of the State of Illinois shall govern the interpretation, validity, performance, and enforcement of this agreement. If any provision of this warranty shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity and enforce ability of the remaining provisions of this warranty shall not be affected thereby.