Orders placed today will have an estimated ship date of September 3rd, 2021. Builds marked "Ready-To-Ship" will ship within 24 business hours.


Once I place an order how long until it gets shipped?

As quickly as practical without sacrificing quality. Please check the announcement bar at the top of the page for current estimated ship dates. We are a small shop, and we try to keep inventory of components as lean as we can to keep our costs down - and consequently our prices. So we don't build anything until something is ordered. None of our PCs comes off an assembly line - each on is individually made by a single technician from start to finish. It's made specifically for you.

We do our utmost best to communicate with you throughout the process, and if you’re ever feeling uncertain or have a question please do contact us at admin@alexanderpcs.com. At an absolute minimum you’ll hear from us once to confirm your order after payment is accepted, once when your order has started production, and once when your system has been shipped.

Why is there a wait time for Prebuilt systems?

This is a VERY important question and answer. We do NOT do prebuilt systems. We are a build on demand shop and we can easily make changes to our models. Our models are suggested configurations based on what we believe to be maximum performance value at a given price point. We update our models monthly at minimum. If we have builds that are "ready to ship" we list them under the "ready to ship" tab of the products menu. 

How can a small company like you afford the costs of a Lifetime Warranty?

There are a few factors that figure into making this possible. For starters, we only use RETAIL versions (not cheaper, OEM versions) of proven components made by top manufacturers. If you start with better parts, you have fewer incidents of part failure. Most part failures are due to either A) misuse, abuse, or damage, or B) a manufacturing defect. Our warranty doesn't cover misuse, abuse, or damage (other than from the original shipment). And any undetected manufacturing defect will usually lead to a part failing while still inside its manufacturers warranty window. We maintain great relationships with our manufacturer representatives as well as our distributors, so most of our warranty costs are for our own time and labor and not for the actual cost of replacing parts. Larger shops will generally not offer a warranty to match ours because they do not want to incur the time and labor costs of doing warranty work. When it's all said and done, our priority is to give our clients peace of mind that we stand behind our work. And a lifetime warranty is the best way we can think of to do that. 

Are you an online only shop, or do you have a physical storefront?

We have a physical location in Cary, IL - a northwest suburb of Chicago. We do not conduct retail sales at our location, but clients are welcome to visit the shop by appointment. UPDATE: Due to Covid-19 our shop is not currently open to the public, but we look forward to a time when we are once again able to offer clients a chance to visit us in person by appointment. 


Why can’t I configure systems on your website by adding additional RAM, switching to a different CPU or GPU, etc.?

There are three reasons for this. The first one is cost. Providing tons of options for this board or that brand of RAM or choice of 8 different GPUs in that model etc. would require us to carry a lot more components in inventory, and we’re trying to keep our costs - and thus, prices low. The second reason is that we picked the exact components for each model based on value for dollar. If we picked one board over another, or one GPU over another, we did it because we believe that component is the best component for that build at current prices. We are constantly evaluating different configurations and components and monitoring prices. As prices change, our component choices change as well. It’s all about bringing as much value to the table for our customers as we possibly can. Lastly, a lot of people over-analyze when it comes to configurations - we’ve made every effort to help customers keep it simple. Having said that, we are a custom PC builder, so if you’d like that Hoplite Chassis with the Legionnaire internals or wanted to add a specific GPU, etc. then of course we can - and will! Just call us or send an email and tell us what you want!

Why don’t you sell monitors, keyboards, speakers, t-shirts, etc like some other companies?

We are actually selling t-shirts now. But with respect to peripherals, please see above about inventory cost :) But seriously, we hope to offer some of those things in the future. We definitely have our eyes on some peripherals we’d love to partner with certain manufacturers to carry. For now we just want to focus on our core business of providing the best lineup of desktops we possibly can.

Why don’t you sell laptops?

Simple. We do not sell laptops because we do not build laptops. We hope to grow into producing laptops in the future, but for now our focus is solely on providing the best desktop lineup in our industry. Most other “Custom” builders or “Gaming” builders in our industry do not build their own laptops, either. They are usually made in the same place as other mass market laptops as a white-label product and then simply rebranded by the Custom/Gaming organization. We’re not trying to talk smack, just telling the truth. We definitely want to make laptops some day in the future, but we don’t have the staff, the equipment, or frankly the expertise necessary to do it right now.

I need help updating drivers or am having a technical issue. How can I get help?

Your system will come with all the latest drivers already installed since we update them during our build and testing process. If you’re having a technical issue, please email us at admin@alexanderpcs.com and tell us briefly what your issue is, and your preferred contact number. Or call us toll free 1 (833) 669-3327. If we know right away what it is and how to fix it, we can email you instructions or walk you through it on the phone. If your issue requires diagnosis, we will call you and troubleshoot. We can also remotely access your system in some cases to address the issue. If we are not able to resolve your problem, we will move forward with a warranty claim under our warranty policy.