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Gaming Desktops

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PCs for Content Creators

Instead of trying to tweak a PC that was built primarily for gaming, we've designed a lineup of PCs that are specifically focused on content creation from the start. Photoshop, Video Editing solutions like Premiere Pro, and other similar applications are the focus of these builds. We also focused on making them run extra quietly. 

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PCs Purpose Built for Traders

Traders have different needs in a PC than gamers, content creators, or regular office professionals. Our Trading PCs do more of what counts. Need four screens running in high def with fifteen windows open full of charts and news feeds? We got you.          

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Custom Built PCs

Our favorite thing to do! Liquid cooling loops, custom cables, and outrageous RBG displays - kinda our things. We're always looking for new ideas and opportunities to create one-of-a-kind experiences for our custom build clients.

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Own. The. Battlefield.

Don't go to war without a warranty. Our Lifetime Warranty on components and service is the best in the industry.

What Our Clients Say About Our Business

Came across a Facebook ad for Alexander PCs and liked what I was seeing. But I was hesitant to spend on a brand I'd never heard of before. I sent a message and had a convo with them and they convinced me to give it a shot. So glad I did as they have exceeded my wildest expectations.

Nathan H, IL

I have been getting my computers from the owner for over 15 years since he was building on the side - way before Alexander PCs was started. I am very, very hard on my equipment, and the builds I've gotten have always held up. I no longer live in the area but still ordered a new custom system when I heard it was official. As always, very satisfied with the outcome.

Johnny N, CO

I did a lot of shopping online before finally picking a winner. There were a lot of good choices, but I ultimately decided to go with Alexander PCs because of the warranty. I felt like I got good specs for the price, and I feel good knowing that if something happens I'm not just out of luck. 

Jeffrey A, OH